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If you’ve gotten in the habit of scheduling regular annual physicals with your primary care physician, you should start doing the same with your eye doctor. Phil Beggs, OD, at Beggs Family Vision offers cutting-edge comprehensive eye exams to men, women, and families living in or around Wichita, Kansas. If you’ve noticed changes in your vision or simply want to get a full assessment of your ocular health, get in touch with the office today by phone or online to book an appointment.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

How do I prepare for a comprehensive eye exam?

There isn’t much you need to prepare before booking your comprehensive eye exam at Beggs Family Vision. Nonetheless, there are a few things you should keep in mind prior to visiting us.

A comprehensive eye exam involves a series of tests that monitor the status of your vision. Some of these tests might cause your eyes to be sensitive for a few hours following the exam. If you’ve booked your appointment during your workday, you should allow a few hours before being able to see or looking at a computer properly.

Just like with a primary care check-up, you should come prepared with any medical history you feel is relevant to your ocular health. Based on your overall health, family, and personal history, Dr. Beggs can recommend proper treatment.

If you’re over 40 years old, Dr. Beggs recommends that you schedule regular eye exams. Otherwise, one exam per year suffices.

Once you’ve had your initial consultation with Dr. Beggs, he’ll tell you how often he thinks you should come in for an eye exam.

What should you expect during a comprehensive eye exam?

The primary purpose of a comprehensive eye exam is to identify any issues with the functionality and sensory abilities of your eyes.

During your exam, Dr. Beggs asks you to read an eye chart, which includes a series of letters that go from large to small. This is an integral component of a visual acuity test, which, in turn, determines your need for glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Beggs also evaluates your pupils. To do so, he shines a bright light directly into the eye that forces your pupil to constrict. He might also test any of the following:

  • Side vision
  • Ability to track moving objects
  • Eye movement
  • Eye pressure through a tonometry test

The great majority of tests are performed using a slit lamp, which illuminates and magnifies your eyelids, lens, iris, and cornea for your optometrist to get a clear and precise picture.

What are common eye conditions?

During your eye exam, Dr. Beggs can test for any of the following conditions:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic eye
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Macular degeneration
  • Optic nerve disorders
  • Cataracts
  • Refractive errors
  • Retinal disorders

The first step to ocular health is preventive screenings. Call the office today, or go online to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Beggs Family Vision.